Tataki screen

I’m a big fan of this swiss youtube channel, especially their visuals. So I wanted to copycat the intro of their “Shout-Out” series.

I first downloaded the video from Youtube, put it in After Effects, and frame by frame I created each scene from scratch.

At the end, I decided to add the footage from my own videos


Pneumo NP is my first big project when I was doing my internship at Umaps Communication. I was working with BenoitDessin, he was in charge of the drawings, and I was doing the animation and the editing.

PneumoNP is a collaborative research project funded under the Seventh Framework Programme, with a €5.7 million grant. Starting in 2014, it is aiming at the development of a theragnostic system for the treatment of Gram-negative bacterial infections of the lung, with focus on Klebsiella pneumoniae caused infections.

Terrace house screen

When I first watch the first episode of Terrace House on Netflix, I knew what love at first sight means. Terrace House is a reality TV show from Japan, in a big house (the location changes each season) 3 women and 3 men live together, no script, no winner, no looser.
The visual on this show is on point, very clean, bright, elegant. Whenever there is a new person coming in, we can see her/his arrival without seeing her/his face.
Good news I have an asian friend who helped me out with the character, and I shot the video in Ottawa, Canada.

Franco design 2

Franco-Design is the last video I did during school. The assignment  was to do a mini documentary about a French-Ontarian who is doing something for its community.

I found Philippe Larivière-Durocher, a graphic designer working at my school (Lucky me). His creation : A t-shirt with the flag “RESTEZ CALME – OUI IL Y A DES FRANCOPHONES HORS QUÉBEC” (Keep calm, french speaker exist outside of Quebec). A famous t-shirt among the community in the French Ontario. The t-shirt is now at the Canadian museum of history in Ottawa.  

I was the director and the editor (we were a group of 3 so 3 different videos) on this.

PS : The video is in french.