Online courses

Here, I will be posting my journey to master the art of motion graphics.

I have multiple mentor all over the Internet, they don’t know me, I certainly know their work. Some of them created design and animation courses on Skillshare, Learnsquared, Mograph mentor, School of motion, The Futur and Skillshare.

Therefore I cannot miss the opportunity to learn from the best.

With all this extra work, my goal is to have an excellent design (Theory of colors, compositions, Typo) and animation fundamentals for the futur project I will be working on.


My mentor: Chris Do, Evan Abrams, Andrew Kramer, Handel Eugene, Daniel Scott, Jorge Canedo Estrada. 

Photoshop Essential Training

For the past 10 days, I have been learning with Daniel Scott, an Adobe Certified Instructor and expert, on his Photoshop Essential course on Skillshare, after each lesson, there was an assignment, you can see my process, every day, on my Instagram: Pixel2chop.


The Motion design course by Jorge Canedo Estrada on Learnsquared

I’m currently doing this course, once I finished, I will be posting the creative process I’ve learned, my styleframes, exports and tips.

For now I can only show the styleframes I’ve done in Photoshop.

Quote used for the project :

If the universe has no meaning, we should never have found that it has no meaning. 

C.S Lewis